Record is a name that has been synonymous with high-quality agricultural vehicles for 50 years

Originally coined for a forge in the 1930s, the name Record became the brand name of a range of agricultural vehicles. The Claeys brothers started out by making flat-bed trailers and three-wheel horse-drawn carts. Soon they also started to build manure spreaders, as tractors became part of farm life. In the course of the years, new products have continuously been added to our range.
Today, the vehicles produced in our workshops include manure spreaders, liquid manure spreaders, tippers, dump trailers, straw trailers, cattle trailers, lowbed trailers and hook lift container systems. Both in Maldegam and in Beaurainville, in the North of France, efforts are made every day to ensure that a high-quality finished product is delivered, which meets the present-day needs and requirements as to innovation of the modern agricultural and transport sectors.
The Record vehicles are made entirely under our own management, from design to finish. Record trailers are sold throughout Europe, but mainly in Belgium and France. A dealer network supported by our technical commercial team ensures that the Record trailers find their way to the customer.