Gebr. Claeys & Zonen bvba is an independent family business. The flat organisation chart enables a rapid and flexible response to the needs of the market. Managers Jean and Guy Claeys maintain the contacts with the customers themselves, but also closely supervise the activities of their 25 employees.

A sound reputation ... across the border.

We have a sound reputation as a traditional manufacturer of agricultural and transport trailers. Our company has its own quality brand, RECORD, and is one of the top three companies in Belgium.

Our main export markets are the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France. Upon request, we export our products throughout the world.

Stalmestverspreider Vulkan VS 7000 T

Two workshops

The New Solagri branch in France employs 14 people for the construction of cattle trailers and large serial vehicles.

Custom-made vehicles are manufactured in the main workshop situated in Maldegem, Belgium.

Kipwagen Record KMR 2400 L

From study to design and assembly

Study to design...
After an in-depth study of the specific requirements with regard to the intended use of the vehicles, after having consulted with the customer in person and after having drawn up a customised offer, the designs are developed by our study office in 3D.

All machinery has been thoroughly renovated in the course of the last five years.
As a result, the execution of the techniques used and the finishing operations can happen much more quickly. Untreated sheet steel is processed in accordance with the customer's wishes, and all parts are assembled in our workshops. The finished product receives the colour chosen by the customer in the spraying booth.

Hooglosser RHLS 7500

Import and after-sales service

In addition to the vehicles and machines manufactured by us, others are produced and imported from the French constructor GFI/Rock and hooklift trailers BIGAB from Estonia.

After-sales service
Our own delivery service takes care of the delivery of trailers by lorry.
We also offer maintenance and after-sales services through a vast dealer network. 

Stalmestverspreider Vulkan VS 5500